Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is He ie GOD called the merciful God because He won't even kill for His angels.?

those alive at the time the bible was written could not see God and live cause men could only live arould 120 years at most. So to see Me they ie even Jesus would have had to live 1968 years.

try treating everyone nicely for a start.

it should be a human right to be respected.

and if LORD GOD TODD=TRUE when both sides are summed to one letter ie A the He says it is a human right to be respected.

also one tenet of the Muslim faith is God is kind of slim.

cause I AM=i am thus I AIVI stitched together=I AM and i am=iarri stitched together so M kind of is God.

note: H=GOD=GOD MOST HIGH=GOOD ANGEL=ANGEL OF DEATH=GOD OF WAR and this can only be proved over tiMe.

And 1st commandment says worship no God but Me.


ME=IVI [iL stitched together

Me=IVI stitched together e(=arm)

me=lerri mixed up and stitched together

And all three basically describe ME a Canadian.

So God in the form of the burning bush appears:

"^ as emerald." which is ".I7 mixed up and stitched together as emeralddot" when .=dot

thus ".seventeen mixed up and stitched together as todd lare Me (in reverse)" which is "Stevens.n as Me Lare Todd" when you understand e+e(upside down)=S.

So perhaps I AM your promised visitation of LORD GOD who is the I AM.


And GOD=GOD MOST HIGH had to be alive near the 2nd 1000 years to put that 1000 year seal on Satan. ie an M. So the GOD who put a M seal on Satan was My right arm and Satan was My left arm. Satan was called rebelious cause He tried to kill God who sums to H. But i forgave Him. Many have said Satan was the angel in charge of the abyss thus also called A'bad'don. I kind of a bad don also because i ain't even italian so i would make a bad don.

Is He ie GOD called the merciful God because He won't even kill for His angels.?download ie

The ideas in this so-called "question" do not agree with the teachings of the bible or of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Learn more:

Is He ie GOD called the merciful God because He won't even kill for His angels.?windows media player internet explorer

God is merciful because he is loving. All of this mumbo-jumbo you have typed in is really unnecessary. A simple question is enough.
Dude, that was the most God-awful, incomprehensible cruelty against the written form of the English language I've ever seen.

Not even mentally handicapped people could do worse than that.
Good Lord! This sounds like the ramblings of a mad man.
You're just as psychotic as ever, and you still have trouble asking an actual question.

Take your meds.
dude you have way to much time on your hands.... get a girlfriend
Uhm dude....have you been forgetting to take your medication again?


This is the world, not the USA, you parochial little jesus worshipper. And yes, you are interested in the same thing over and over else to explain Bush re-election?
funny GOD kills ALOT in the Bible

or are you reading something other than the King James version.
Yes, you got the first commandment right.

However consider,

Jacob Wrestles With God

Genesis 32:30

So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying,

"It is because I saw God face to face,

and yet my life was spared."

Have a pleasant day.
"God" or "Jesus" or "Mohammed" or "E=Meter" or any other kind of religion is very subjective. There is no point in trying to convince any one else of a religious thought. Religion is by nature not interested in facts, it is interested in faith. Therefore, the entire concept of discussing religion is moot. That is why there is no answer to your question. ;-)

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