Friday, November 27, 2009

My ie doesnt work but firefox does?

can download but cant install anything, modem light on, i am administrator, and win. live messenger can sign in . also, cant system restore. everything that uses ie like runescape client or software updates dont work. firefox updates work though

i can download but cant install; i can only install the installer but installer doesnt work

i have also recently installed "Shock IP Changer" and used it but i am not sure what my DTS is so i put in and my firefox browser was working again (i changed my ip and my internet didnt work) and i filled in everything else that was required to use internet such as gateway and ip but my ie and everything else didnt work.

(only my firefox worked)

"the shock ip changer" was scaned by Avast antivirus (i ran the scan) and it was clean.

if i dont solve this problem, i will be unable to update or install anything!

My ie doesnt work but firefox does?microsoft flight simulator

I would uninstall the "shock program" and try it then. It is a fereware and you can get it again but reading the little that it tells me it is a waist of time. I use my laptop on four networks and do not have any trouble using it on any. Once the connection has been set all I need to do is use my password. I do not see any need to use this program.

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