Sunday, November 29, 2009

IE 7 Runtime and Script Errors URGENT HELP NEEDED?

I downloaded IE 7 and now Im getting massive runtime and script errors - like so bad that everytime a page loads I get one to 10. Any ideas? I have mozilla - which is working fine - but I cant update my OFFICE LIVE site without IE 7 - HELP PLZ!

IE 7 Runtime and Script Errors URGENT HELP NEEDED?microsoft visual studio

I don't know what errors you're getting but any error isn't a good one. I would uninstall IE 7.0 and try to reinstall it from scratch. Go to Start | Control Panel | Add and Remove Programs. Make sure the "Show Updates" box is checked at the top of the Add/Remove screen. Scroll down under Windows XP updates and select to remove IE 7.0. Your system will revert back to IE 6.0. I have had to do this once or twice for some reason, to get IE 7.0 to function properly.

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