Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why is IE "clipping" my CSS tabs?

If you visit, using IE, you will NOT see the top of my tabs. Firefox is perfect. Why is IE doing this?

Why is IE "clipping" my CSS tabs?windows explorer

This is probally more likely to be due to your CSS coding than IE. IE and Firefox handle margin and paddings slightly differently. Alway set margin and padding to zero in the body tag before coding to eliminate may of the problems. But if you have coded without these present then adding them may create other problems.

The other issues may be that you have not correctly set the paddings or margins for the image in your tags. If you have used an inline list for your tags then check the ul, li and a tag settings.

Why is IE "clipping" my CSS tabs?microsoft zune internet explorer

Simply because IE is IE. Actually I can't really help since I don't know much about CSS, but seriously. Forget IE. If it works fine with firefox, be happy with that.
Talk to the fine engineers at Microsoft. They did this so that sites following Firefox standards won't be usable by IE and vice versa, thus creating twice as much work for webmasters. This is done, as usual, to attempt to protect their market share on a "free" product. A free product that is attached extremely well to a couple hundred bucks of not so free OS. Thanks for being a philanthropist in Africa, but NOT in Cyberspace, Unca' Bill. See the article on the URL below, picked up by Yahoo from Techweb.

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