Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Windows Updates stop IE from Working?

Windows latest 6 updates keep stoping my IE from finding the web page. I have removed them. They then downloaded 3, and again IE couldn't find a web page. I'm on the net, but IE can't find it.

What can I do. I'd like to keep my computer updates updated, but not if it stops it working.

All answers appreciated, especially the ones that sort out the problem....LOL

Thanks to all.

Windows Updates stop IE from Working?windows mail

Uninstall IE7 and install IE6 that should stop your problem. Good Luck.

Windows Updates stop IE from Working?microsoft maps internet explorer

That's a well known problem with windoze ,complain to Microsoft ,or use something different
There has been a lot of talk about Windows Internet Explorer 7 over the last couple weeks as it is finally out of beta.Are you ready for it?I'mnot sure I am. I installed it on one of my machines and it wouldn't work so I promptly uninstalled. At least they give you that option.

If you are a little worried that Windows Update is going to push it down on your systems you might want to check out this new tool from Tim Fehlman over at Daily Cup of Tech. It lets you keep IE7 blocked or at arms length until you are ready for it. I say let the rest of the world debug the thing.
It also happened with me. It affected my whole OS. After Reloading XP. I stopped downloading updates. I now see that my comouter is running better than anything. U see microsoft is forcing its customers to use Vista and Vista is Semi hit. (sorry for that, but this is the truth) and downloading updates is interferring ur security and other settings. better to uninstall the updates though i'm not sure about it.

Consult a computer expert if ur in more doubt.

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