Sunday, November 29, 2009

Major IE failure?

I get a C++ Runtime library runtime error whenever I try to run IE on my mother's account. We are using XP and I'm really stumped. I don't know how to fix it.

I have no problem with IE on my account %26amp; I don't think the third account has any problems with IE either. It has been like this since the last 2 major IE updates (so before and after the tabed browsing).

I've just had my mom using firefox since it is better anyways (I personally prefer Opera). However, she really wants to play Toontown %26amp; you can only run that with IE (I've looked for FF extensions, but I can't find one).

Any ideas? Whenever I run IE the program takes forever to load, no website will load and it just seems like it takes up more and more resources untill windows finally decides it is time to pop up the error message and terminate the program.

Major IE failure?uninstall internet explorer

Make sure IE is not open.

Click on Start then click Control Panel.

Click into Network and Internet Connections. (Skip this if you are in classic view)

Click into Internet Options. (And yes I know this is available from within IE, but it is better to do this when IE is not open)

In IE6 click Settings.

In IE7 click Settings in the Browsing History section next to the Delete button.

Click View Objects.

Delete all the files showing in the Downloaded Program Files window.

Close the Downloaded Program Files Window.

Click OK on the Temporary Internet Files And History Settings and then click on the Advanced Tab.

In IE6 click Restore Defaults.

In IE7 click Restore Advanced Settings.

Find "Enable Third-party Browser Extensions" in the list and remove the check mark.

Click Apply.

Click OK.

Then Download a good anti-spyware program such as Microsoft Windows Defender or Spybot Search %26amp; Destroy or AdAware and scan the computer for spyware.

Major IE failure? internet explorer

no i don't think so. aNd exactly which extension do you need? Flash or java? that is there for firefox.
Offhand I'd say you're mom has different IE settings than are on your profile. Different IE settings (perhaps pop-up blocking, java settings) may be the root of this problem.

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