Friday, November 27, 2009

IE problems?

Every time I close my internet explorere I get a message that reads 0x0765454d at the referenced memory could not be read at 0x0765454d. and it is annoying as hell. i try to ask microsoft what it is but they dont do IE questions and I cant find a place in the help section for this particular #. Any help please. I am sick of it popping up every time i close IE

Additional Details

Now have a different number 0x0772454d

IE problems?microsoft works

Don't use IE, it is evil. Use firefox or opera browsers. they are less prone to infections. it is also faster.

IE problems?windows mobile internet explorer

Do yourself a favor and dump IE, google Firefox and install that browser.
go here and follow the instructions

this is the best solution you can have

uninstall IE.

dont care how u do it, just get it off your pc

but not after you have downloaded FIREFOX
I know this will be kindof unfair but, just switch to firefox, or dillo, or opera, the list gos on. . . .

IE is full of holes that microsoft does not want to patch. And your the one going thru the pain. switch to somthing that a real community can get behind. and fix themselves if needed.

plus have you tried empying out your temp files?
Don't worry about fixing it. Just download and install

Mozilla Firefox and all your troubles will go away.

IE is very vunerable to hacker access...Firefox is more secure.

If you are not familar with Firefox, do a google search under

Firefox and read the various links related to it. Forget IE.

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