Sunday, November 29, 2009

IE 6.0 can't play .mpg files?


I am helping my cousin troubleshooting with his home computer. He has a Windows XP machine with IE 6.0 installed. Whenever he tries to view or access an .mpg file using IE the browser does not display anything.

This is also true when we downloaded the .mpg file onto his workstation, and tried to play it using Windows Media player; video plays but no video image. I know he also has some type of codec installed, but not sure what. Can any ones suggest a solution to this?

Workstation currently has Windows Media player and QuickTime installed.

Thanks in advance.

IE 6.0 can't play .mpg files?windows 2000

try to get more codecs. There are many versions of MPEG video.

IE 6.0 can't play .mpg files?internet explorer internet explorer

try realplayer or vlc media player.
Try open Window Media player. go to tools %26gt; option %26gt; network have to be set up acordingly

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