Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why can't I find IE on my computer?

Ok, I'm trying to d/l XP SP2 but I can't with Mozilla. I can't find IE on my computer so I try to d/l IE but it keeps saying "a newer version of IE exists" and the install fails.

How do I find IE or get it on my system to be able to get SP2?

Why can't I find IE on my computer?microsoft live

The easiest way would be to click the Start menu, then click run. Type iexplore and hit enter. If this doesn't work try searching for iexplore, that should find it if your path has changed.

Why can't I find IE on my computer?microsoft internet explorer internet explorer

click my computer, c, program files, internet explorer, IEXPLORE.EXE
Check the start menu in all programs.. if its not there it might because you have Mozilla set up as your default and you might of set it up so access is denied to IE. One way to open IE is to type in IExplore.exe in Run. you can also create shortcuts on the desktop by right clicking desktop / new / shortcut and for the path of the file just type in iexplore.exe. When you get SP2 you will be able to fix the default browser issues.

If you have not realised, you are being punished for not using the ``preferred'' (by you know who) browser. Why do you want to upgrade?

Now is the time to change your OS too.

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