Friday, November 27, 2009

IE taking forever to load, but mozilla works fine?

ive been having this problem for some time now, and whenever i try to open up IE, it takes around 5 min to load, then it works fine, but still a little laggy, and i guess alot of people have been having the same problem too, after an update. anyways when i load mozilla, it works perfect and i have no problems, but i am concerned if maybe i have a virus on my computer or not. I have spy sweeper and trend micro and cleared all my temp internet files cache, including content.ie5, but IE loads slow, so is it some virus or the program is just being screwy??

IE taking forever to load, but mozilla works fine?microsoft live

You are likely running a bot net trojon,

Spybot S%26amp;D or AVG may help

Take it to a IT guy

IE taking forever to load, but mozilla works fine?microsoft internet explorer internet explorer

You could definitely have a virus. Run a virus scan and spyware scan.

Don't use Internet Explorer. It's pretty slow anyways. All other browsers are better. Try Firefox or Opera.
Open int expl go to options clear cookies and all files go to settings and increase disk space.
maybe a virus is in your IE try running a virus and spyware scans if you removed the virus or spywares, accept my advise, use firefox instead, fire is more secure than any other browsers because the virus or other things you don't want to have in your computer will not install directly when you are just visiting web sites. I hope this help.

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