Friday, November 27, 2009

Anybody had Mail Beta lock-up IE lately?

I know this has happened on IE 6 at work, and I think on IE 7 at home. You log into Mail Beta, it appears to load everything until, at the very top, it says "loading chat", and then it just stops--the little wheel that spins as chat is loading stops too. The page and IE are unresponsive from then on.

It happened to me several days ago, and then again this morning. Really annoying, since you have to Alt-Ctrl-Del and kill IE from task manager. It did it repeatedly this morning--It stopped after I logged out from the yahoo main page (in other words, before loading mail), and then logging in again. Might have just been a coincidence though. I think if the chat server is not available or whatever, somehow it is bringing IE to it's knees, but who knows?

Anybody had Mail Beta lock-up IE lately?microsoft maps

yes, several times. It IS a "beta" version!!! That means it ain't "right" yet!

Anybody had Mail Beta lock-up IE lately?windows registry internet explorer

Yeah I went back to O.G. one. I can wait till they fix ther issues

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