Sunday, November 29, 2009

IE Question?

I have AOL, at a address I used to live, I could sign off aol, and go onto IE and use the net, (by the way I use broadband) I moved to a new address, and when I sign off aol, and go onto IE, it tells me that Im offline? But I have broadband, so I can still use IE even when im off aol. So whats the problem. Thank you

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go to control panel/Internet properties/conections/LAN settings then automatic detect setting. That should resolve it.

IE Question?windows explorer internet explorer

if you are using ie6 check that "work offline" is not ticked

i dont know where that is on ie7 i just tried to find it
tecnically aol will only let you connect to the net using their software

wot u need to do is set up a dial up connection - dont worry it will read that u have a broadband connections

the secret here though is to enter 0 as the telephone number on the dial up connection

then u should be able to connect to the net through IE

hope that helps ya cos it worked for me when i was with them
There is no problem ..

..all that happens is that you sighn off the AOL server and continue to use your broadband connection but not through the AOL browser only IE ..
Just make sure it's not set to work offline. And forget all that nonsense about AOL only allowing you to connect using their software and setting up a dial up connection - that's absurd.

Just open IE go to tools and uncheck work offline.

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