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Firefox or IE 7 ?

I am using IE7 on a Windows XP computer and having no problems at all.

I wish to download and run Firefox.

If I download and run Firefox will it wipe out my IE 7 or my "Favorites" or do any damage to IE 7 ?

If it's ok to use Firefox is there anything I need to know?

Firefox or IE 7 ?microsoft access

Since I switched to Linux I use Firefox, Konqueror, Seamonkey and Opera. Something you should understand: Firefox and Seamonkey are both in a real sense descendants of Netscape, which itself was available for Unix and Linux before it was available for Windows. Using them in a Unix-like environment makes perfect sense, but of course I find it sensible to use a Unix-like environment. The security advantage of Netscape-enabled browsers, frankly is precisely that they are not tightly integrated into the operating system: in Linux they operate in user space and in fact I've surfed the net comfortably using versions of both Firefox and Seamonkey which were installed in my /home directory and had no permission to write anywhere but to my personal account.

Frankly, the current version, Firefox 2 is a memory hog. This has something to do with that a lot of it is written in an interpreted language callled XUL. Firefox 3 reportedly runs much better over time (though it takes as much memory initially). It's supposed to be officially released in the next month. You might consider waiting or downloading the beta version.

That said, obviously you can run both IE 7 and Firefox, or should be able to. This is also true of Opera and any other browser availabe from a third party. You shouldn't do any damage to IE. There is no reason, should you try to run another browser, you shouldn't continue to use IE unless like so many of us you decide to give up Microsoft software. ;-)

Firefox or IE 7 ?windows mobile 6 internet explorer

You can have both programs, I prefer Firefox alot more..never had problems with it, but Explorer was a pain in the butt for awhile. You will have to save your favorites into your bookmarks in Firefox.
Firefox is the best in my opinion. It will not wipe out IE. It will ask you to import the bookmarks from IE actually.

Firefox is safer, and more secure. Plugins make it great!

Check it the about, features, etc..then decide if it's right for you.
Avoid Firefox!

When you download Firefox, it comes complete with free membership in a cult religion. You will need to face the West and bow down and pray to your new god, Mozilla, at least 5 times a day.

Of course this "free" browser comes with a steep price. You will be encouraged to become an evangelist for the "cause" (see "answers" above^) by being pressured to join the "Spread Firefox" propaganda campaign:

You will be required to constantly spam newsgroups and forums (Yahoo Answers included). To anyone that posts or asks any question about Internet Explorer, you will be required to reply that the only solution is to dump IE and use Firefox. You will annoy people with shouts of "Firefox has a built-in pop-up blocker...Firefox has a built-in pop-up blocker", despite the fact that Internet Explorer has had a pop-up-blocker ever since XP SP2...almost 4 years ago.

You see, the truth has never been important to Mozilla / Firefox. They have their own dangerous socialist / left-wing agenda.

You must understand that this religion, just like all the others, has its own devil, (Bill Gates), and its own Hell, (Redmond). From this day forward you shall devote your entire life to saving the world from Microsoft.

If, you become one of the chosen disciples of this cult, you will be allowed to help in the coding of new versions of Firefox. Of course you will not be paid for your efforts. Despite the fact that Mozilla Corporation had 2006 revenue of over over $70,000,000.00 USD:

It prefers to brainwash its followers into toiling for the Mozilla Mother-church for free. Slave labor is always best. Firefox / Mozilla Corporation loves to cry poor-mouth. And the lemmings always follow.

Of course the hierarchy of the church, such as High-Priestess and corporate president, Mitchell Baker, ARE well compensated for their work:

Funny how that works, isn't it?

I am surprised that Baker hasn't taken to wearing her own version of the Papal Hat:

Perhaps one made out of flea-infested fox pelts! It would certainly help to hide that hideous hair-do of hers;

Firefox...the browser of choice of pimply-faced, male adolescent fanboys, who are badly in need of female companionship; and aging hippies with gray ponytails.

HA...;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)
I think OPERA is nicest, but I use Opera AND Firefox, so that if I want to use the slightly less secure firefox with all of it's great add-ons, I click my 'drag n drop' Opera button labelled 'inFF'.

I did sometimes use inIE - but find now that IE isn't a patch on either Opera or Firefox. Firefox is best, but Opera is much nicer to use and more responsive.

Get firefox, then click 'tools, add-ons'

Then install the following to start you off with a much better net experience:


Bandwidth diagnostics

Customise Google

Download Helper (for flash video)

Mouse Gestures

PDF Download

Session Manager

Speed Dial

Stop Autoplay (stops google video's autoplaying and sapping your bandwidth until you click them)

Stumble Upon - the single BEST ever add on

Unlike the man above me, I think the single reason for leaving IE7 behind is that it cannot offer these add-ons, and it is not free - Microsoft is very bad - and don't give you the choice of avoiding use of IE, however I find that many sites I cannot log into with IE7 are accessible with firefox and opera.

IE7 is too heavy to access my hotmail account most of the time, but FF opens it very easily and quickly. It's TRUTH that guides me, not an irrational need to defend Windows.

Now I use linux, and find Firefox to be identical on this platform, and it's the same on my friend's Macintosh.

What about IE7? search Google for comparisons
Firefox will not affect IE7, and for my money, IE7 is considerably faster than Firefox, and if you browse smartly, any security concerns are limited. Firefox is also a bit of a pain when it comes to constantly having to dowmlaod and update add-ons, though i will say there are LOTS of great add-ons to Firefox that you cant get with IE, so it is def worth having both on your computer.

And what that last guy said is priceless, though i wish i had the time he had available.
i use firefox, and i've had no probs. my comp is windows xp. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. i would be a little wary of downloading IE7, for the fear of messing stuff up. why do you want firefox if nothing is wrong?

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