Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ie upgrade?

i've been having problems with my ie browser so i bought an ie 7 cd for installation, thinking that i could remove my existing ie and then install the new one, now i know i can't remove ie because its part of windows xp what would happen if i install that other version of ie, would it upgrade? would i end up with two ie? would it fail to install because i already have ie?

Ie upgrade?ie 7

you could have just went to windows update and updated your ie6 i assume to ie7. go ahead and run the disk seeing how you bought it. it is not going to put two versions of internet explorer on your pc it will just upgrade it to ie7

Ie upgrade?ireland internet explorer

if you installed it then it would just replace the old one.

Oh, and whoever told you, you can't remove ie6? It should under add/remove programs in your control panel.

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