Friday, November 27, 2009

No more IE on OSX?

IE is no longer bundled with OSX. I know that's not really a major problem since OSX users can get Firefox but still some websites require the use of IE. In addition IE for OSX will no longer be offered. What are OSX users going to do?

No more IE on OSX?microsoft net framework

While I agree that no sites should be written to require any specific browser, the fact is that Mac IE will should be available for awhile for whoever really needs it. Archives like have provided old versions of Netscape for years, for example. Eventually web developers will realize that all modern Mac users have Safari preinstalled, and that anyone can get Firefox freely. (The bigger problem is the number of developers coding specifically for *Windows* IE - ActiveX etc.)

No more IE on OSX?windows xp themes internet explorer

Use Firefox, Safari, Opera or Camino.
Complain vehemently to any webmaster who doesn't code for non-IE browsers. Any webmaster worth his salt will realize that IE isn't the only show in town anymore, and those who code for IE only should be fired.

That's just my humble opinion. LOL

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