Friday, November 27, 2009

IE 6 will not connect to the internet while alternative Firefox is?

Basically I keep getting the 'Page cannot be displayed' page in Internet Explorer 6, while my wireless connection is working fine resulting in that I can still connect in Mozilla Firefox. However programs such as Windows Live Messenger rely on IE to work for them to work, meaning my main trouble is that I cannot use WLM and that is why I need to fix this problem pretty quickly.

I am running XP Pro SP2 and have Comodo firewall, and a wireless connection.

Previous to writing this I have reverted from IE7 to IE6 to try and sort the problem and have changed some of settings like the LAN settings to what some websites/guides have mentioned. I have also allowed the two programs, IE and WLM, to work with my firewall, which I think I have done correctly.

IE 6 will not connect to the internet while alternative Firefox is?windows mobile

If you are running Firefox try this, there is a new add-on out for Firefox that allows you to view pages that don't work in Firefox using internet explorers rendering engines (fancy word for the program that allows you to view the web pages). This add-on is called ie tab for Firefox, you can download it at When you get to this page simply click add to Firefox and then follow the instructions in the on-screen installation box.

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