Friday, November 27, 2009

Is IE Defender different from Windows Defender?

There was an earlier question about IE Defender and the advice was to remove it as it was malware. I have Windows Defender on my lap top and I thought it was ok. Is it different to IE Defender.

Is IE Defender different from Windows Defender?windows firewall

Windows Defender is a new security program that helps to protect your PC from spyware and other unwanted software. This program works on Windows XP %26amp; Vista.

In the other hand, IE Defender is a rogue anti-spyware application that displays exaggerated security alerts difficult to close in an attempt to trick you into purchasing the full IEDefender version. IEDefender is able to hijack your web browser and state that you鈥檙e infected with spyware and that you need to download IEDefender to solve your problem.

Is IE Defender different from Windows Defender?microsoft frontpage internet explorer

Different things. I can confirm that IE Defender is malware, WIndows Defender isn't. You're okay.

here are manual removal instructions:

IEDefender is an extremely dangerous rogue software created by programmers from Russia. It may be installed manually (from or using security holes. Once the IEDefender is installed, it will start showing fake security messages that your system is in danger and will trick you into buying its full version. IEDefender may steal your secret information (passwords, credit card numbers, PayPal accounts). IEDefenders work may damage Windows registry and cause system slowdowns and crashes. It may be difficult to remove IEDefender manually because it loads on every Windows startup and has an ability to renew itself if you try to remove it

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