Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FireFox Vs. IE?

Which is faster? For some reason, IE seems to be slow on some sites and alright on others. When I try going to Myspace using IE, it takes so long. When I go to a site like google or yahoo, it seems to be a lot quicker. In general, I would like to know which is faster, FireFox or IE.

FireFox Vs. IE?windows mobile

Firefox !

FireFox Vs. IE?safari browser internet explorer

Firefox is twice faster than IE in normal cases. But if you are stacking it with addons and plugins, its speed reduces. Try removing inactive addons and i'm sure your firefox'll perform double than IE !!!

Hope that helps... :-)
Firefox. Don't even bother with IE -- It's far too buggy. And Firefox is just awesome ^^.
firefox-far less hassles.

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