Sunday, November 29, 2009

How do I fix IE in Vista?

there was a power outage last week and my computer turned off; I'm guessing that was what messed it up because since then IE will not load. It takes forever and freezes up. So I downloaded firefox. The problem with that is only certain programs (like Netflix on-line) will only use IE. I looked in my control panel and found that IE was not listed in my programs. Could this mean that it had somehow got uninstalled? Should I reinstall it? This is what I'm guessing because on my XP computer, my Windows Movie Maker keeps closing itself and it was not listed in my programs anymore.

How do I fix IE in Vista?windows live

Try running IE with no addons and see if it works.

Start %26gt; All Programs %26gt; Accessories %26gt; System Tools %26gt; Internet Explorer (No addons)

I have had Vista lose shortcuts before, I think it was due to messing around with uninstalling some junk software.

How do I fix IE in Vista?windows media player 11 internet explorer

get XP or linux. Linux has never done that to me.

Alternatively get firefox
yes go to internet explorer and redownload it again after the 2 time it should work better i recomend the yahoo internet explorer it comes with more features
Try going to System Restore and restore the computer to before the power outage. If that doesnt work, go to Microsoft.Com and install IE7 again, or download IE 8 Beta 1 if you are a developer. Hope that helps!!

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