Sunday, November 29, 2009

IE problem some files can harm your computer?

every time i click on ie something pops up and says file download and says some files can harm your computer save or cancel ive tried everything there is no way to get on ie or anything online for that matter can somebody plz help

IE problem some files can harm your computer?windows registry

ugh stupid IE

well its the same for any internet browser

like firefox too but not as annoying like IE crap

but if u want to knw what ur download is safe

download the mcafee site adv

it will tell u lots of info about the site and all the downloads

and will tell u which are infected with what

or if the site trys to steel info

and ppl post what they think of the site's safety and stuff

so its pretty good everyone uses it

preferably download the program with Firefox

IE problem some files can harm your computer?ie 6 internet explorer

Dump Microsoft and get firefox at

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