Friday, November 27, 2009

Windows xp desktop & IE icons questions?


my experience: intermediate skills, regedit

2 computers, two questions:

1st computer

(IE shortcut desktop icon) I go to properties%26gt;change icon%26gt;apply: then it does the refresh flicker like normal, but the icon is the same!what the.....?

2nd computer

all the IE icons in my favorites have the default IE icon, I have tried to change it in file types, but with no luck. however the 1st computers shortcut icons all have there own unique 'icon' from the site it was from.why?

thanks in advanced

Windows xp desktop %26amp; IE icons questions?microsoft net framework

dont know about the first one, i think if u make a new shortcut and delete the original it will hold the icon change wen u do it .. the second one security is set too high and maybe the cookies from the sites are blocked ..

Windows xp desktop %26amp; IE icons questions?windows xp themes internet explorer

1st one you can't change the icon unless you download a specific one from somewhere like TuneUp WinStyler!

2nd one - try adding your favourites again. Are you using IE7?
its the weather
for the first one, i know the icon will change if you change your whole desktop theme, but i dont know if this is what you want to do.

for the second one, have you gone to the individual sites on this 2nd computer? they will maintain the IE icon until you go to the site to 'pick up' the custom icon.

good luck.

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