Friday, November 27, 2009

Web design? IE 5 vs IE 7?

IE 5 doesn't display all things the same way as 7, from my understanding.

Also you can't seem to have IE 5 and 7 installed on the same computer?

So what do you do?

Web design? IE 5 vs IE 7?windows installer

There's a piece of software out there, "multiple IEs" I think its called, that'll let you run multiple releases of Internet Explorer on the same computer... It had versions all the way back to release 3! I had it for awhile, until I found I wasn't using it very often and it was just, "gathering dust."

Web design? IE 5 vs IE 7?microsoft vista internet explorer

i use IE 7 insted of IE 5
Use IE6, since that's what most people have.
True, yet neither version displays things the way it's supposed to.

Try this:
First of all, the installed base of IE 5 is so small that it's generally not worth worrying about. There is, however, a significant number of users using IE 6. As you said, the way the different versions of Internet Explorer display the same pages can vary.

The solution for having multiple versions is to upgrade to IE 7 and install standalone copies of the previous versions of the browser. You can find more information here:

There's also a way to install IE 7 standalone:
You design for the current browsers (don't forget Firefox) and the current resolution, and you don't worry about people who haven't updated their computers in 10 years. (You can't design a web page that displays correctly at every resolution in every browser.)
Use firefox. That's what! :D
no Ie4 is better than Eye 7

Get Firefox


1. Uninstall internet explorer (which you dont have to do) Mozilla on Google

3. Download fire fox which is the most secure and best web browser of 2008.

4. Enjoy the new features of fire Fox which will make you wonder why you ever used internet explorer in the first place.

Don鈥檛 believe me. Find out for yourself.

(-And for the record I can鈥檛 believe that there are still newbs using IE. what a joke! Anyway check out Fire fox and ill guarantee you'll never use IE again-)

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