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IE not connecting to internet automatically?

Hi All,

I have an XP computer that is connected to a router and then onwards to ADSL.

However, I'm finding this one PC will not connect to the internet via IE, I have to do something else, like use an ftp program to make the connection in the first place. Once the PC "knows" about the internet then IE will work fine.

I've removed all the intenet connections ( as they are not needed for this LAN connection ). I've fiddled about with automatic detection but still cannot get IE to automatically spark the computer into accessing the internet.

FTP and Outlook express will access internet fine so its not an authentication ,wiring or ADSL problem. Its just IE.

Any ideas ?

Other PCs on the network work fine and this PC works fine using dialup or an ADSL modem.

IE not connecting to internet automatically?windows live

This can happen %26amp; you can drive yourself crazy trying to find out why it is just this one computer %26amp; why it works fine when connected directly via an adsl modem %26amp; not when wireless.

Have you tried mozilla firefox browser when wireless to see if this solves the problem?..if it does then stick to firefox's a better browser anyway.

PS ..You can try this also ..In Internet options-%26gt;connection tab-%26gt;Lan settings button...take out ALL the ticks.

Good luck.

IE not connecting to internet automatically?windows media player 11 internet exploreri now know its not the PC, Netscape works fine and I can connect ot the router via this PC using its management program. Report It

So, i'm down to IE being the problem....guess I'll try re-installing it.

My other line of thought is some sort of "stay-alive" in the router, i've now realised the other PCs have VPNs so that migt make the router think there was traffic. Report It

Whereas the problem PC might allow the router to think it was idle because there is no VPN stay alive traffic.

Tried a friends wireless laptop at the weekend, no problem at all, found the network, logged in and worked fine Report It

Check your firewall configuration that IE is on the "allowed" list.
Sounds like you have 2 firewalls up and running (Nat firewall on the router perhaps and xp). By default the Xp firewall will be on already on that pc and it allows ftp and outlook to access the web, but doesnt allow other programs. Either switch off the XP firewall or edit the programs allowed through the firewall. Right click in network connections on the connection you are editing and you can fiddle around with firewall settings in the top right tab.

If that doesn't work then use the Windows Networking Wizard making sure all firewalls are off. Then when set up re-enable one of them for that machine.
First, make sure that IE is not setup to connect using a dialup connection. It sounds like this is the problem.

Go to Tools: Internet Connections.

Then click on the Connections Tab.

At the top where it reads "Dial Up and Virtual Private Network Settings" remove all connections by selecting it and choosing the remove button on the right side. This setting assumes you are dialing up only. By removing this you have nothing to lose since IE is not working anyway.

Basically you want to make sure that IE is not setup to dial out. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to reboot first and/or check your ip settings to make sure that it is not an IP issue.
Have just had the same problem when I updated to IE 7. People tried to tell me I had a virus, which I knew I didn't. I have since discovered that disabling all the add- ons, through the tools rectified this problem. Haven't discovered which of the add-ons caused the problem yet. I am still in the process of enabling them one at a time.

Hope this helps
I am not able to help you directly. An internet connection can become slow or stop working due to a number of reasons depending on the type of the connection. Many of the problems can be solved by making software changes or small hardware corrections. Detailed instructions at

I hope this will be of use to you....!
Use a proper browser such as firefox. If you use IE you deserve all the problems you get.

You may not like my opinion since it is contradictory to yours but since you presupposed several things about one of my questions here's some in return! Enjoy

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