Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IE Table problem?

I'm currently working on this site:

If you have firefox and IE take a look in both. Firefox renders the table smoothly doing exactly what I want. IE adds all sorts of iffy new lines and messes up row heights where I dont want them.

Is there something I can do to stop this? I find that for some reason writing everything on one line in my html works but thats ugly and not very easy to work with.

Am I missing something?

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IE does have a box model problem and a few other bugs that you sometimes have to compensate for:

Since you are using XHTML 1.0 Transistional, you need to correct a few of your coding errors. many are minor ones. Some like this:

%26lt;a href="?et=search%26amp;type=r%26amp;region=South-Eas... England"%26gt;

Should not have space in the URL link. Better like this:

%26lt;a href="?et=search%26amp;type=r%26amp;region=South-Eas...

with %20 filling in where the spaces are.

You're missing a closing tag for the form which is more serious than the others.

Validate html code here:

Validate CSS code here:

Actually tables for layouts do not meet the HTML 4.01 Web Standards (went out in the 90s) and your doc type should be changed so you don't have to write tighter code.

Hope this helps.


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1) Tables are for tabular data - you should really be using css to set style.

2) The page renders exactly the same in IE 7 and Firefox Don't worry about writing to legacy browsers. Next you'll be trying to cram the page into 600X480 (one of my customers wants that).

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