Friday, November 27, 2009

Can I revert to Old IE 6.0 or earlier from IE 7.0?

Internet Explorer 7.0 is not letting me check my work email, logon to work servers, etc, and I called the crappy hospital tech support, and they have no clue. I was wondering if I can change security features, or better, can I revert to an earlier IE? I tried looking online to see if I could download an earlier version, but couldn't find anything. Also couldn't find my office 2000 discs, because I believe it comes with an IE? Can someone help me find an older IE?

Can I revert to Old IE 6.0 or earlier from IE 7.0?microsoft zune

for the millionth time on answers , control panel/add remove program / click ie7 /remove reverts too ie6, tery learning how to use a computer before playing technician...........

Can I revert to Old IE 6.0 or earlier from IE 7.0?windows nt internet explorer

First uninstall IE 7.0 from your add and remove programs list. Then reinstall an earlier version found at
You should be able to do a System Restore through the Restore wizard in Start%26gt;All Programs%26gt;Accessories%26gt;System Tools%26gt;System Restore. Keep in mind that one of the automatic Windows updates came with that attached to it so installing that update again will reinstall IE 7.0
To uninstall Internet Explorer 7 to return to Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP

Click "Start," and then click "Control Panel."

Click "Add or Remove Programs."

Check "Show Updates" at the top of the dialog box.

Scroll down the list and highlight the version of Internet Explorer 7 that you are running, and then click "Change/Remove."

Uninstall that,restart your PC and you are on IE6

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