Sunday, November 29, 2009

MySpace CSS IE / Firefox issue?

i realize that firefox and IE render CSS differently because of the way the code is parsed.

You cant use javascript to correct CSS issues in myspace, nor can you use a Link rel="stylesheet", usually i would use a %26lt;!--[if IE]%26gt; statement to check the browser, then link to the appropriate stylesheet.....myspace blocks the %26lt;link%26gt; tag...

any other way to get around my firefox layout looking like crap?

MySpace CSS IE / Firefox issue?opera browser

Use the IE conditional comments, as follows:

- style the page perfectly in Firefox

- determine what needs to be different for IE (general or even specific versions) not by changing what you've done for FF, but by overriding it with different attribute value for the same selectors repeated at the bottom of your origin FF style sheet ("cascade," right? - later, more local, or more specifically selected styles take precedence - you're not deleting any of your earlier FF work but only overriding it with repeated declaration later in the cascade)

- add any new style for IE, again down at the bottom of your style sheet, to keep all the IE "tweaks" together

- once you're done getting it perfect in IE, cut the set of overrides out of the end of your style sheet and include those in an IE conditional comment in the HTML itself

Now your base style sheet is perfect for FF, and your in-page conditional comments an contain an internal style sheet (%26lt;style%26gt; block) that offers overrides that repair the cascade for IE.

This can repeated "ad nauseum" for different flavors of IE, if you intend to support multiple versions.

MySpace CSS IE / Firefox issue?microsoft windows internet explorer

Well, technically, for the most part, Firefox will display things correctly. IE is usually the problem.

However, without specific code examples, I can't help you.


Myspace is pretty strict about what it allows in terms of formatting. I don't know of any way to do what you're asking. MySpace isn't exactly the pinnacle of of CSS/HTML compatibility or usability.

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