Friday, November 27, 2009

Firefox or IE, which is better?

Is Firefox better than IE?? I still have IE 5 I think, maybe 5.5 I think I tried 6 and things quit on me. I still use Win98 SE too. I know I had one week where I had to format like three times. Finally I have just kept it as simple as possible. I really would like to do away with anything from MS.

Firefox or IE, which is better?ie

Personal preference is Firefox, however, IE is needed for getting any updates and other help from Microsoft as it does not allow any other browser to access.

There are some applications that have been written that will ONLY work with IE also, like certain pogo games, etc...

Bottom line... use them both.

Firefox or IE, which is better?microsoft internet explorer

well first i would get at least windows xp.. but i would say firefox better. i use both on daily bases. use both because some websites do not like fire fox so then open ie and work right away but that only few websites that i have been to.
Then switch to Firefox, much better.
Firefox is much safer, because of the frequency and robustness of its updates, it helps block spam, junk, adware popups and all the rest of the dross much better.

For my money it's 100% improvement over IE, which has pretty much caved in to the people that want to send you junk you don't want.
firefox, IE is very buggy, although opera is rather cool aswell, and on os x i love camino and epiphany on linux
I use IE at work and Firefox at home and definitely notice a difference. Firefox has never quit on me and just has better features and easier to use.

However, if you want to adjust any settings like not allowing certain websites or controlled access to the web you have to go with IE. You can do this somehow with Firefox but its complicated
windows 98 is kinda old operating system is there anyway you could upgrade, like to windows XP, then you could get IE-7. but to answer your question most of my friends have switch to firefox, I keep for myself IE been using it longer than dirt was discovered, ask, they have many answers to many questions in there and they have a cool web-page. Ya have a good week.
Firefox is better. IE is the devil.
firefox is better

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