Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stuck between IE 6.0 and 7.0?

Hey I have a friend that attempted to upgrade IE 6.0 to IE 7.0 but each time she trys to install it says the Installer failed and that she needs to reboot to get rid of installed files. I think she may have used a beta version originally, though I am not sure.

Now in the help parts of programs( Help --%26gt; help contents, or F1)

the window will show up blank white where the help text should be. The topics and index still show thought. This is also happening in QuickenBooks in their Webbrowser.

Any ideas about how to fix this? She really doesn't care anymore about what version she is using, just wants to be able to see the text.

Stuck between IE 6.0 and 7.0?internet browser

What version of Windows is she using?

First, backup data.

Second, Set a current restore point and reboot.

Third, Look for a restore point from before the IE updates and try to use that.

If it isn't the way she wants it...

Lastly, under Add/Remove Programs can she see a list of IEs that can be removed? If so, remove them from there, and then run a trusted program the cleans the registry. I like CC Cleaner. RegClean was popular for a while also. Run Windows Updates, and make sure ALL of the critical updates are installed, then choose the optional updates that are desired but include all IE updates. If this doesn't fix it I always remind the user that a backup of data, and a format and fresh install always makes a system run more efficiently and reliably.

Stuck between IE 6.0 and 7.0?windows media center internet explorer

install a proper browser for her firefox for instance
You have to validate Windows at to install internet explorer 7.
i would honestly stop using IE altogether. i switched to firefox a couple years ago and love it. it is a lot more secure and i haven't had any real problems with it since. they also have an email program like outlook called thunderbird.

firefox is updated more often than ie and is a lot easier to use as well as more secure.
what windows is she running if it xp home then you should intall 6.0 again and then upgrade to 7,0 . from microsoft update here is the page link. i had trouble also i found that if its not xp sp2 you get errors so make sure you have the sp2 update first. go into tools at the top and thenclick on options go to each tab and resst all setings to default and then restart explorer

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