Sunday, November 29, 2009

Error While opening IE version 7.0..?

If i am trying to open IE(Version 7.0), it's popping up some error and asking to select an option among the two:1)Send Error Report or 2)Don't send it. Which ever i choose, my IE browser window is closing.

I know Different other Browsers are available for us to use, but i want the solution for my problem.

I revert back to IE 6.0 from IE 7.0, it's working fine, but i am unable to work on IE 7.0 version. Don't suggest me that, better work with IE 6.0.

Error While opening IE version 7.0..?safari browser

Try to reinstall it and see if it works by reinstalling it. If that does not work then here is a site that may help.

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