Friday, November 27, 2009

IE 7 or Foxfire???

I am having trouble w/ IE 7 closing out. I know that disabling add-ons can resolve this problem, but I don't think I should have to go through the trouble or finding out which one is causing IE 7 to close. Q is this:

For those who use Foxfire, what, if any, problems have you had w/ it?

IE 7 or Foxfire???windows media center

No problems at all with Firefox or Opera. I'm on a PC running Windows XP SP2.

IE 7 or Foxfire???nintendo ds browser internet explorer

Firefox is awesome. The only issue I've had is that some sites (by choice) will only work with IE. Dump IE7! Get Firefox now! You won't regret it!!!!
you mean Firefox. there are no issues with it. I recommend it Highly its customizable. Friendly and fast!
err Firefox

no problems with firefox here. the addblocker and noscript addons are the only reason i use firefox instead of safari on my mac. the addons have never caused me any trouble. firefox is a bit slower than other browsers but hopefully that will be solved in the next version, firefox3.
First of all its firefox... But I prefer Firefox... I find it much more reliable
Just for future reference, it's Firefox not foxfire. I would always suggest using firefox over IE since it's more secure and more stable. Never hard problems with firefox over IE
I quit using IE a year ago. Mozilla Firefox is so much better. I think the only reason microsoft came out with IE 7 is cause firefox has much more to offer, and is more stable. If I were you, I would switch!!
Foxfire?! geez, u misspelled it dear. i did asked this kind of question few months ago. and lots of people would rather choose Firefox. its simply the best. pages loading more faster with Firefox 2 me. and if u really like dat Tabs Browsing feature in IE 7, relax there - the newest and latest Firefox have that.
fire fox is the beast because it fast in its search for websites and it open very fast.(if you want to download it go to, ""you will download it free" and "full version".
i have Firefox and I LOVE IT.

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