Friday, November 27, 2009

Why dont attacked couples ie teacher/student, work collegues, doc/patient, muslim teens fight back 4

Why is not JUSTICE carried out on anyone who attacks a loving realtioship...


work collegues, doctor and patient, young teacher and 6th form/high school student, two muslim teengers, prodestant and catholic etc.

Ie why are all those attacking under guises or tripe like inappropiateness, immorality, unprofessionalisim

When its realy perverted puritanical, pious relgious evil not faught back against.

ie if a teacher and student loving relationship (ie snuggles, pet names, eyes lighing up and running to the phone when the other calls) split up and teacher fired or arrested...

Why doesnt the student attack the family of the head teacher, taking his kids, forcing a divorce then physically hurting him till he begs forgiveness, brings back her boyfriend and pays for the next months dates... Hurting say being smashed with brinks ie stoning along with any police.

Likewise if collegues are fired why not force the boss to divorce if he ever wants to see kids agai

Why dont attacked couples ie teacher/student, work collegues, doc/patient, muslim teens fight back 4 justice?windows nt

The reasoning in your question is illogical. I don't believe that you honestly think that what you are proposing as a solutuion to the splitting up of a relationship between teacher and student, between work colleagues is a just solution. Do you? We live in a civilised society and what you propose is uncivilised.

Why dont attacked couples ie teacher/student, work collegues, doc/patient, muslim teens fight back 4 justice?windows 95 internet explorerActually yes... such people who attack couples and scum like peadophiles, bullies and other abusers so smash them down as its them who are uncivilsed leaving only nice folk Report It

My goodness you are strange.....
Call the Samaritans or a good counsellor.

You need to talk through your issues. They are YOUR issues and not the rest of the world's.
Yup and stop interfering with your students!
WTF is wrong with you??!!! Seriously, get a life.....
Well done! the award for longest, most convoluted, totally meaningless and ridiculously phrased question EVER to appear on YA is yours!!! Simply send me 锟?00 administration fees and I will send you your 锟?00,000 prize.
And the strange award goes to... wait for it... drum roll.... straight answer.

Ive had loads of emails from this freak and he just does the same on the email... total shite and soooooooooooooooo long and going nowhere. by the time i get to the end im asleep. lol
Yeah people who try and stop teachers having relationships with their pupils should be subjected to arbitrary violence... Oh no - hang on - teachers SHOULDN'T have sexual relationships with their students - that would be an abuse of power...

Back again, As It Is, Max, Infodude - but still spouting the same tired, illogical, convoluted, old sh1te. Give it up eh?
dnt mean to sound mean but did ur question hve to be this long?
Is it a question or a Reuters News bulletin!
wow thats a long question!! i think the teacher side of things is because if you were a teachers partner and you were a student well youd be there favourite and wouldnt be fair as you would be getting extra help and great grade i expect. but dunno really. just what i think.
do us a favour, could you be abit more specific. Thanks
Blah blah blah, kill or be killed, love thy neighbour (and his wife) does anyone really give a crap life is life welcome to the big pond little fish, your either bait or prey, such is life.
you already have all the answers
i strongly suggest that you consult this problem with your religious leaders and lawmakers, the educational board, and a psychologist.
YOU need to calm down.

revenge isnt justice and never will be.

And YES there certainly are abuses of power involved in a teacher student relationship. You only get one shot at an education and the idea that someone with the power to control your success or failure, could use that power to get sexual gratification, is a real threat to the values we HUMANS hold dear.

Teachers can use their powers of persuasion and pretty words to fill the minds of kids with notions of big brother and use the kind of affection which many at that age haven't known yet, to twist a perversion into a seemingly innocent act.

Just because a young mind can't see that very clearly doesnt make it any less true. Teachers know this all too well and they have to read and sign lengthy legal codes of conduct which lay it all out. Our laws are in place to protect the vulnerable from this sort of abuse. apparently from the likes of YOU

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