Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Firefox/IE Explorer - Bookmarks/Favorites Query?

Where are your bookmarks kept in Firefox? Had to reload my OS and (dumb@ss me) forgot to backup my favorites from IE Explorer. I have most of these same bookmarks/favorites in Firefox and would like to export them back to IE Exp. Is this possible?

Firefox/IE Explorer - Bookmarks/Favorites Query?microsoft office 2007

In Firefox...

Bookmarks%26gt;organize bookmarks%26gt;file%26gt;export

save and you should be able to retrieve in IE%26gt;file%26gt;import/ wizard

browse to the following path...

C:\program files\mozilla firefox\bookmarks.html

you should be set from there...instead of C:\drive select the drive your flash drive is installed

Firefox/IE Explorer - Bookmarks/Favorites Query?windows media internet explorer

Firefox bookmarks are stored as HTML files on you computer. It will be located here, but make sure you go to My Computer, then click "Tools", then "Folder Options", then "View", and check "Show all hidden files".

My Computer-%26gt;C Drive-%26gt;Documents and Settings-%26gt;Owner OR Default User OR your account name-%26gt;Application Data-%26gt;Mozilla-%26gt;Firefox-%26gt;Profile-%26gt;whateve... the next folder is-%26gt; and it should be called "bookmarks".

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