Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cannot open IE in new window?

it just happened in these few weeks, when i have used IE for some time, maybe half an hour or one hour, then i just cannot open a web page in a new window, i.e. these is no response when i press a hyerlink that will open a new window, and i try to right click the hyperlink,there is still no response. And there is also no response for the tool bar button like my favorite, tools... and i cannot open a new tab in the IE, but if the link is not go to a new window, i can open.

i guess if the ram is not enough and tried closing all the application with only the IE left, but it still don't work, what happen to my computer?? and how can i check if the ram is not enough??

Cannot open IE in new window?internet explorer 7

try these...

1. scandisk

2. clean all temporary internet file

3. clear temp folder

4. remove unneccessary application.

5. (try) pause antivirus (not permanently)

open website with IE, leave it until harddisk light is over, right click on hyperlink and wait until harddisk light is off, then select "open in new window" and release your click.

do slowly.

Cannot open IE in new window?microsoft word internet explorer

You stated that your unable to open a new window in internet explorer even when nothing else is running. It does sound like your computer has enough ram.

In case your not able to purchase new ram, try running chkdsk/defrag on your c drive, which will temporarly fix the problem until you can purchase extra ram.

Open My Computer, right click on C drive, click on Properties, Tools, Check Now, select both options,

click Start, Click ok on the error pop up, and the next time you restart your computer, it will run chkdsk on your c drive.

For defrag, you get to it the same way you got to chkdsk.

Also, you should try while in internet explorer, clicking on tools, internet options, clear your history, delete cookies, and Files.
Which version of IE are you using? The old version (IE6) had problems with certain viruses, which MS didn't repair. So make sure that your running IE7 and/or switch to Firefox. Download, update and run AVG Free, Ad-Aware, Spy-bot Search %26amp; Destroy, Windows Defender, and run scandisk, defrag, and delete all temporary internet files and cookies. The amount of RAM that you have in the machine will be shown in "system properties" by right clicking on "My Computer" and select "Properties". If you are running "Vista" you should have at least 1GB of RAM minimum, if running WinXP, minimum 512Mb of RAM.
first of all, how much RAM is free and accordingly optimize using some RAM Optimizer. thus u will be able to free space on ur RAM. then check if IE's working or not. If it doesnt, try uninstalling and then reinstalling ur browser. then too., if nothing happens, consult ur pc vendor.

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