Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"IE Cannot Display the Webpage" error on certain pages...?

I am not having any trouble accessing any web site today except for the one I need for work. I thought it was down but I can access it fine from my desktop, just not my laptop. My laptop has Vista and IE 7, the desktop has XP and IE 7 so I think Vista is the problem. Any idea what to do about this?

"IE Cannot Display the Webpage" error on certain pages...?ie 6

Yes, I encounter problems with connecting to the net with Vista all the time. Try clicking the little dual-computer icon at the bottom of your screen %26amp; disconnecting from the router/internet source, then reconnect again. If that doesn't work, usually restarting your computer does.

Make sure there isn't an issue with the Internet connection source as well.

"IE Cannot Display the Webpage" error on certain pages...?windows vista internet explorer

yeh i think all you have to do is disconnect and connect again cause i have the same problem with my laptop as well....i called my internet service provider and aparently you cant do anything to fix that problem...all i do now is just restart the modem. anyways good luck.

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