Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can IE display super huge fonts for me?

I'm trying to use fonts as a graphic on my webpage. For other (all of them are better) browsers than Internet Explorer I can set the font to be HUGE in various ways. However, it seems that IE has a maximum font size no matter what I do. Is it possible to have huge fonts that IE will render? (Unfortunately firefox hasn't replaced IE so I'm stuck) How?

Can IE display super huge fonts for me?ie 7

Ctrl + numpad "+"

This zooms in on the page on IE. Ctrl + numpad "*" zooms back to 100%.

Can IE display super huge fonts for me?ireland internet explorer

Infernus, I think he was asking more from a coding perspective than for viewing pages...

I use Dreamweaver myself; can't say I've ever had any debugging issues running large fonts in any browser.

How big are we talking here? 48pt? Bigger?
go to the view option in ur IE

there'll be a "Text Size" option ..

select the "Largest" option .....


i guess thats wht u wanted

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