Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Firefox IE & Yahoo! Bookmarks?

I use Firefox IE's 2.0 and for the last 2dys I've noticed that my Yahoo! Bookmarks when I click on it doesn't show my saved Bookmarks. How do I set up my IE [Firefox] to show my saved Bookmarks?

I updated my IE today and re-downloaded my Toolbar and it still doesn't show ...

Firefox IE %26amp; Yahoo! Bookmarks?ie

If you peruse the questions over the last several days, you will see many people are having problems with bookmarks. I suspect Yahoo has broken something. Maybe wait or report the problem to Yahoo! Customer Care.

Firefox IE %26amp; Yahoo! Bookmarks?microsoft internet explorer

There was a problem with the Firefox toolbar late last week where bookmarks were not appearing under the bookmarks button in the toolbar, but were still available on the site. That problem was resolved on Friday. If you are still seeing problems with your Yahoo Bookmarks from the Yahoo Toolbar please contact Yahoo Customer Care.

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