Friday, November 20, 2009

Ie/ei spelling rule sentence?

Okay, I know the "I before E" poem by heart. But there was a sentence in one of my spelling books that had all the *exceptions* in it, and it started:

"Neither weird species of financier..."

...or something like that. I want to know the whole thing because the ei/ie rule is the one I have the hardest time with. There are so many exceptions. Can anybody help?

Ie/ei spelling rule sentence?

Neither financier seized either weird species of leisure.

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I think you were trying to get either this:

Neither financier seized either weird species of leisure.

or this:

Neither sheik dared leisurely seize either weird species of financier.

and probably not this:

Any beings decreeing such ogreish, albeit nonpareil,

homogeneity must be nucleic protein-deficient from sauteing

pharmacopoeial caffeine and codeine!

(even though it contains even more of the exceptions!!)

However, you might find this useful as it is in rhyme form and thus a little easier to remember:

“I” before “E” except after “C”

Or when sounded like “A”, as in “neighbor” and “weigh”

Except “seize” and “seizure”, and also “leisure”,

“Weird”, “height” and “neither”, “forfeit” and “either”.

Good luck!


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