Friday, November 20, 2009

IE 7 problem?

When i save a web page, and open it offline(after disconnecting the net), the page is not opening. It is showing some error message and the saved page is not opening. There was no problem opening saved page using IE 6. Think this problem exists only in IE 7 .Need a solution for this.

IE 7 problem?download ie

Scrap IE7 and use Firefox.

IE 7 problem?windows media player internet explorer

Refer to your "GREEK" manual.
This problem will likely depend on the page you are saving. If it is a flat HTML file, there should be no problems saving the file in either browser.

If the site has certain elements which require live calls to the website's database (AJAX, javascript, etc), there may be problems unreleated to the browser you are using.
I had IE 7 it was always causing problems, I uninstalled it and returned to IE 6. Or use Firefox.

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