Friday, November 20, 2009

How do I get ie back as my default browser? Details below.?

I 've been using ie than I started using Netscape. Somehow the ie icon disappeared. I keep using netscape a while but started using ie again. I was able to connect with it by the one touch internet button on the keyboard. I just finished updating netscape yesterday. Now when I go 2 press the internet button it takes me in with netscape. Please Help! How do I get ie back and how do I get an ie desktop icon. Also, I have some other missing software/programs or wuteva. I don't know if I deleted it or not. No too big a deal cuz i'm doing fine w/o it. Anywho, It also took paint and I've been wanting it back. I want to do it without rebooting my computer. I've read you just put the reboot disc in but u don't have 2 reboot. Is this true? I want the easiest and fastest way possible. If ya'll can help, how can I retrieve it. MUCH THANKZ IN ADVANCE!!!

How do I get ie back as my default browser? Details below.?microsoft maps

on your IE click on TOOLS %26gt; INTERNET OPTIONS %26gt; PROGRAMS TAB %26gt; Check "Internet Explorer should check to see if it is the default browser" %26gt; APPLY %26gt; OK.

Resart ur browser and it will prompt you to choose IE as a default browser, click YES. Thats it!

If it still wont work Uninstall ur Netscape.

How do I get ie back as my default browser? Details below.?windows registry internet explorer

Click start / All Programs. If you can find IE, right click on it and send it to the desktop, that will give you a desktop icon.

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