Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IE 7.0 Links not working?

I have been using IE 7.0 on my Vista machine for a few months with no problems.

Now - some links and/or buttons are not working or are now missing. For instance, in yahoo group, the next/previous buttons in the message area are gone as well as the message title name.

Also, in a lot of places the buttons or links are there and either don't work or take me to a blank page. In my bank website they list my different accounts and then I click and it takes me to a page with the details. Now the the links do not work.

Any help? Do I have a virus or did I just mess something up in IE?

IE 7.0 Links not working?internet explorer update

The only time this happened to me, I had a virus. I was a newby and did not have proper protection. Had to do a reformat. Now I keep lots of programs handy in case it happens again.

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