Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Does the HUNGAPP freezeup in ie ex. 6 &7 have any solution yet.Is this a virus?

I have read many people have the same exact condition,and it seems as though microsoft is ignoring it.I don't know if this HUNGAPP is a virus,condition of the mndump as the secondary detail along with exe txt when the freeze-up occures.Every person in the query pages has the same problem.Also one thing I have also noticed,is that 'you are froze,period' the full screen box hit in center on the top right of the ie home page goes can wait hours and you are forced to close and risk loseing valuble text.I am a writer and my personal best is in cyberspace,as i am not the type of writer who can pound out the same story twice.when the freeze happened when I brought up another ie homepage,to find some info I needed,and ALL pages,even ones that were NOT frozen were deleeted enen though I minimized it and only had the one page that was frozen....even the page i was writing on,deleted with the frozen page.Why has microsoft not come up with a patch for it?I was surprisedAllhadsameprblm

Does the HUNGAPP freezeup in ie ex. 6 %26amp;7 have any solution yet.Is this a virus?windows updates

You need to repair your internet explorer. If it doesn't repond, burn the installation file to disk and instal in safe mode. Good luck!

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