Friday, November 20, 2009

IE 7 Icon help?

I had to reformat my hard drive and before I did IE 7 was ok but now that I reinstalled all the programs the IE 7 icon disappeared! I mean the icon is there but it has no form (like the way a file would look if you don't have the proper program to open it) and I already uninstalled and reinstalled IE 7 like five times and it won't fix it, the browser does work as it should it's just the icon appearance and also if I go to my favorites folder most of the icons look like IE 6 except for one that does look like IE 7 please help me to fix this. Thanks

IE 7 Icon help?windows media player

Try to download, then set it as your icon on IE7...

IE 7 Icon help?windows live messenger internet explorer

Right click on the current icon, click properties, then click change icon. If you don't see the icon you want, browse your PC for the right one, or download it. (Search the net for IE icons, but it should be on youe PC already.)

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