Friday, November 20, 2009

In IE all I can do is go to the home page (yahoo)and click links. Other than that I get "applic

I installed firefox a few days ago and made it my default browser, but then I noticed IE was not working right anymore, so I uninstalled firefox thinking this would fix IE. But now when I open an IE page I get the home page (yahoo) and all I can do is click links on the home page to go to pages (i.e. yahoo answers). But if I try to go to any other website, i.e. by typing an address into the address bar and go to that address, I get "application not found." I have done several system restores, but each time it said the system could not be restored. I also did a virus scan and went to tools and chose reset browser and checked the box that said check if IE is my default browser, and also went to add/remove programs, chose set program access and defaults, chose custom and set internet explorer as the default, then I rebooted, but I still get "application not found." Why am I getting this message in IE and how can I fix it? Thanks. 10 points.

In IE all I can do is go to the home page (yahoo)and click links. Other than that I get "application not foundmicrosoft office 2007

That's why I advise people not to install Firefox - it's too buggy and unstable. Firefox must have messed with the system and disabled something.

Resintall IE7 :

Download IE7 Pro. Free addon that boosts IE7 with features like extra scripts, spell check, adBlocker, Tab History, etc. All in one package. Free and safe to use :

That should help a bit. It might work.

In IE all I can do is go to the home page (yahoo)and click links. Other than that I get "application not foundwindows media internet explorer

To be safe. Download internet explorer (6 or 7) and save it on a folder you know where to find. Close all running programs and browser as well. Then go to control panel - add/remove programs and uninstall which ever ineternet explorer you have there. If your PC prompts you to restart, do it. After, go to the IE you downloaded and install. After it's up and running go to microsoft and manually search %26amp; dowload the latest updates for your PC (in case the windows updates site is not installing the updates). I included this as a precaution. Anyway, right after your new IE is installed it should already be fine.

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