Friday, November 20, 2009

IE 7 security problem?

I recently installed an application on our webserver that uses https. It works fine in IE 6, but in IE 7 this page is displayed:

Internet Explorer cannot display the web page

Most likely causes are:

You are not connected to the internet

The website is experienceing problems

There might be a typing error in the address

It works fine in IE 6, what do I do to get it to work in IE 7?


IE 7 security problem?windows media player 11

IE7 was about 5 years in the making. Microsoft didn't feel the need to share information with other developers about the coding that would be used in IE7, etc. As a result, a whole lot of incompatibility exists. You might find this website interesting reading, especially the "known issues" section and the part about how to get sites that don't recognize IE7 to work:


IE 7 security problem?microsoft publisher internet explorer

ie 7 has continued to have a host of issues . i for one have rolled it back to ie 6 . also i use firefox far more then i use IE . your issue is not uncommon . uninstall ie7 and rest easy
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