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Is IE 7.0 a complete disaster,or is it just me who is ready to tear his hair out ?

Last week,my computer said there was an update to Internet Explorer 7.0. Like an idiot, I clicked on it and ever since, my life has become very complicated with computer issues. The whole program/ system is so slow, it is mind- boggling. The Norton online security took twelve hours to do a full scan yesterday. It found an infected file and every few minutes, I get an e- mail stating that Norton found the security risk, followed by another e- mail moments later, stating that the file has been removed. Then it repeats itself. Am I the only person confounded by IE 7.0 ? Once it is on my computer, can it be safely removed, to go back to IE 6.0, or is it too late ? Thank you.

Is IE 7.0 a complete disaster,or is it just me who is ready to tear his hair out ?microsoft access

I almost never recommend a Microsoft product, but IE7 is better than IE6. However you should do what most of us in the Computer %26amp; Internet section did a long time ago and dump IE for Firefox.

I highly recommend Firefox (even though IE is still needed for certain websites). You can still keep IE7, just use when required.

In this review, CNET Prizefight Internet Explorer 7 vs. Firefox 2, Firefox wins in every category.

Firefox is better in every way including, installation woes, look and community, tabbed browsing, cool new features, security and performance. The winner is clearly Firefox 2.

Is IE 7.0 a complete disaster,or is it just me who is ready to tear his hair out ?windows mobile 6 internet explorer

I only keep IE7 for some sites that don't work well with FireFox. Try uninstalling Norton completely, back up any settings if you need to. Reboot, check for any more IE7 updates. If system performance restores then either choose a different security software suite or reinstall Norton. If system performance is crappy then there is something in the IE7 update that isn't working well with Norton. On a personal note, Norton is an enemy of mine. I have never had luck with it since 1997, tried up until 2002 and eventually gave up on it.

Finally, look at Nortons advanced settings, maybe turning something off or changing a setting will fix everything for you.

Also see if you can uninstall the update to IE7.
Try the Maxthon web browser and your surfing experience will change...I like it so much, even more than won't be dissapointed...

For the question, yes, IE 7.0 is not as a disaster as previous editions, but a disaster in the end..
U R aware that there R alternate browsers....Look.
if your sure its the update, just remove it, add/remove little box on top, show updates. but sounds like other problems to me. bugs. the fact that norton has a problem tells me, you have more
When the updates came in IE7, did you turn Norton off first before downloading? So many ppl get into problems thru this avenue.

Personally, I would never ever have Norton installed on my puter~

Went thru that with them way, way back in the early days~

Before rebooting, download another one of the top 3 antivirus programs to a SAVE100 folder to have available to replace Norton with one of these: BitDefender, NOD32, Kaspersky.

Then, you should reboot in the safe mode (no network), uninstall Norton, then IE7. While there in the safe mode, do run all of your defrag/clean registry programs. Reboot, and after it settles down, install the new antivirus program. reboot. Then, go to MS update site and download the latest updates you need.

For whats it worth, I use IE7, Opera, Firefox and Safari beta3.( all with excellent results.)

Good Luck
What source in your PC, said there was an update to IE7??. Microsoft released if I recall about 11 critical updates and IE7 was one of the critical updates. If you have your updates on automatic then all of the critical updates would be downloaded to your pc. Depends, on if you want to be advised before the downloads, or if you want the downloads and be advised before installing. Do you have your auto. updates on or off for Microsoft??. (I am trying to ascertain who or what told you that you have an IE7 update). Couuld have been a "hacker".

And ofcourse you are running Nortons, pure garbage, that is no good at really finding any problems, and if one is found is unable to fix. Plus Nortons, usually is the major cause of problems with PC's that have Nortons installed.

Have you tried running Trend Micro HouseCall on line from their server. Here is the link and there is no conflict with any antivirus program. Allow the entire scan of your system. May take upto one hour, and in the end will find the virus I think you have or viruses/spyware and destroy them.

Minddoctor, France
If you are going to continue to use Internet Explorer...I'd try resetting it to the default settings. If you have too many add-ons, it will slow IE 7. On your home page, click on tools%26gt;Internet Options%26gt;Advance%26gt;Reset Internet Explorer settings. Follow any remaining will then have a "fresh copy" of IE 7 which will run smoother and more efficiently.

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