Friday, November 20, 2009

IE provided by Yahoo...IE 7. BLANK pages appear at close out?

I downloaded IE provided by Yahoo...IE 7. Everytime I close out IE and even some other times, a BLANK page appears. It causes all icons on my desktop to "shake" until it closes. It takes a few minutes to close.

IE provided by Yahoo...IE 7. BLANK pages appear at close out?opera browser

I had a problem with my Dell desktop when i downloaded IE7 with an error on my desktop showing every time I would restart my pc and had to click it off. I had gone to the Dell Community Forum to post a question on why and how I could get the error off and I had people email me back as to what I can try to do to fix it. I got it fixed from appearing again. One reply was that IE7 was the buggiest software release in Microsoft's recent history...yikes...I will not install IE7 on my laptop until the bugs are fixed. Maybe you should either uninstall it and put IE6 back or ask the Dell Community Forum on Dell's website. You will need to make a screen name and password to post questions if you decide to join and ask Dell. You do not have to tell them what brand of computer you have.

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