Friday, November 20, 2009

IE and Firefox question. Can someone please help?

I had IE as my default browser, and now I downloaded Firefox because it is supposed to be more secure. They say it is very easy for hackers to be able to get you through IE. Now that I have Firefox as my default browser, is IE still running? So therefore, can hackers still track me. Do I have to disable IE or something?

IE and Firefox question. Can someone please help?windows live messenger

Dont worry, you dont have to disable IE6. IE6 is less secure that firefox because of the number of unpatched vulnerability. Thoses vulnerability could be exploited while browsing the net with IE6. So if you are using firefox to browse you can be affected by hacker stuff that would exploit an IE6 vulnerability.

I wouldnt even recommand to try to remove IE6 since its so tied with Windows ... you could end up having some trouble if you remove it. Just dont use it and you will be fine.

IE and Firefox question. Can someone please help?microsoft money internet explorer

once you switch over to using ff as your default unless a program make a specific call for IE it will use firefox. You can uninstall IE from add/remove programs in windows programs section (please correct me if i am wrong here)
Try this site, there maybe an answer for you.

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