Friday, November 20, 2009

IE Crashing with this new toolbar trying to auto update.?

There is a major problem happening with Yahoo toolbar trying to auto update when starting IE and causing IE to crash. I know the fix it to remove the toolbar and to re-install the new version. But there are a lot of people with the toolbar. Does Yahoo expect the millions of people that have it to remove it?

Also what about the company鈥檚 they have thousands of pc where the employees do not have admin right... do they expect all the IT people who work for these company to do all this work before IE will work.. Just for the toolbar update problem that is yahoo鈥檚 problem. I think Yahoo need to fix their problem and no us!!!!

IE Crashing with this new toolbar trying to auto update.?microsoft zune

First off, if it is not working, you should uninstall it, and wait until Yahoo! has made a fix for it.

You chose to download the Toolbar, just the other millions did. Yahoo did not MAKE you install it.

I have Yahoo toolbar and it is working just fine. I would think that maybe your computer may have something else wrong with it...maybe some spyware or a virus on it. Try running a spyware checker and virus scan to see what you come up with. Then reinstall Yahoo! Toolbar.

As for the thousands of employees who don't have Admin rights on their computer. They don't need to be loading up the Yahoo! Toolbar (or any other toolbar) while they are at work...the toolbars may cause trouble for their computers, and the would not be able to get any work done.

Yahoo! is probably working on fixing the toolbar as we speak....if there is a problem with it.

IE Crashing with this new toolbar trying to auto update.?windows nt internet explorer

well, you have two lemons: yahoo toolbar (untested and shaky) and IE (porous and slow) I suggest axing yahoos tool bar and getting firefox browser.
Well the smart answer is don't install toolbars! ever!

They slow down your system, and hijack your webpages like search and your homepage. And plus they take up valuable web-surfing room on your display.

So get rid of it... and don't install another!
I agree with you. I updated my yahoo toolbar and IE stop working. It would flash up for a moment and go away. I had to perform a repair from my windows xp to get it to work. I went to a tech support website and found a forum where several people had the same problem and discovered it was the yahoo toolbar.

By the way, for those who say Yahoo may be working on the problem, there have been reports since July on this issue. It is not an isolated case.

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