Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IE 7.0 Crashes When Trying to View 401K Statement?

I use IE 7.0. When I access 401K account on my company's website, and try to pull up a quarterly (or other periodic) statement of my saving/investments, IE 7.0 crashes with the message "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." This has been going on for some 3-months now. I have never, in that time period, been able to pull up a statement on my 401K. Do you have any suggestions for things I could try to resolve this problem? Thanks. Paul R

IE 7.0 Crashes When Trying to View 401K Statement?windows vista

This question really belongs in the Computers %26amp; Internet section of Yahoo Answers, but you would not believe how widespread this problem is, with everybody complaining that the problem began in October.

The official advice from microsoft is to disable all 3rd party browser extensions. This is a total burn, because it means all your add-ons will be disabled. Msoft has no further advice at this time.

Suggestion: look carefully at the dialog window next time a crash starts. The window will probably identify the add-on or file that's causing the problem. Most seem to have something to do with adobe acrobat. You might then consider disabling just this one add-on. You'd be able to re-enable it later if this step is not helpful. But there's a precaution or warning: be sure to create a restore point before you do this, because disabling an add-on might, possibly might, make the ie browser inaccessible ! So you'd want a handy restore point to restore to, so as to get the browser back.

Another suggestion: download from the Adobe Flash 9. It's easy to do. This does clear up some of the crashes. Warning: their form to start the download includes a prechecked order to "Get the Yahoo Toolbar." My, how they're all in league together, pushing their stuff. So be sure to uncheck the box if you don't want this toolbar.

And the final suggestion, probably one you've heard before: get Firefox.

Good luck.

IE 7.0 Crashes When Trying to View 401K Statement?windows defender internet explorerAlso, STRATH, I took your advice and looked at the dialog box, found an Acrobat file name (Acro-something.dll), googled it, and learned that Acrobat 7.0 could be causing the problem. I then removed Acrobat 7.0 from my computer and the problem was fixed. Report It

Remember 7.0 has just been released so there are going to be bugs that arise and eventually patches will have to download in order to fix them
I logged onto my online bank information before loading 7.0 and noticed a message on their site that said that 7.0 had not yet received security clearance for their online services, so the problem may be with your 401k company. A friend loaded it but had other problems and dumped it, deciding that different isn't necessarily better.
Use Opera instead and sell MSFT short.
I used to have a problem with Internet Explorer (version6) on my old computer when looking at things like the page for editing my stock portfolio I was running on Yahoo Finance, where the page would go weird (e.g. dropdown boxes going all over the place).............. so i just switched to using Mozilla Firefox instead, and never had the problem again...... and when Firefox crashes, when you start it again it asks if you'd like to start where you left off before it crashed.

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