Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IE 7 toolbar customizing...?

I just started using IE 7, but I really don't like the new toolbar/s... I set it so the Menu Bar shows, but now I have three bar's worth of stuff on the far left-hand side and, with the exception of three icons and the search box, I have very little on the right side and a bunch of dead space in the middle. I don't like how the toolbars cut into my web viewing now (pages get pushed down from the top to make room for the three bars), so is there a way to change this? With the old/classic IE browsers, you could combine toolbars to save space and I really wish I could combine the tab bar with the menu bar or address bar. Is this possible at all? Thanks in advance.

IE 7 toolbar customizing...?ireland

I hope I'm wrong I dont believe this can be done without fiddling with the registry.. you are right, there is a lot of dead space in ie7.

You can have a play with this tutorial:

IE 7 toolbar customizing...?microsoft outlook internet explorer

got no idea
I dont use IE but if you go to Tools or view in the top of the browser and go to tool bars and disable whatever it is you dont want there restart the computer you should be able to fix your problem. I think your question is a little unspecific.

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